Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stanley Cup Final Preview From My Young, Female Coworker Who Knows Nothing About Hockey

With the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins starting up the Stanley Cup final tomorrow I was going to write up a nice long preview discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each team, but there are too many of those floating around already. So instead I asked my 21 year old female co-worker who isn't a hockey fan to see what she thinks about the upcoming series. She will be known has HYG (Hot Young Girl).
This is the Canucks propaganda for swinging the vote on who to cheer for in the Stanley Cup Final
DD: Have you enjoyed the Stanley Cup playoffs so far?

HYG: Sure... I watched a few games or have seen it on late at the clubs on Tuesday nights.

DD: Going into the Final, who do you think has the edge - Boston or Vancouver

HYG: You mean hockey is still going on? It's so hot out now, how can that be?

DD: They play in arenas... and have an ice guru named Dan Craig to make the ice perfect regardless of outdoor temperatures.

HYG: Daniel Craig works for the NHL? He's so hot as James Bond.

DD: Alright, I should have seen that one coming, back to hockey - Boston or Vancouver?

HYG: Well.. I'll have to say Vancouver because I've never been to Boston, but I loved shopping on the West Coast a few years ago. Oh! and lululemon is based in Vancouver! (she is wearing yoga pants - thanks for this website, BizNasty)

DD: Ok... Has there been any players that have stood out so far these playoffs for you?

HYG: Well I was watching a game with my boyfriend and some guy named Nathan scored the game winning goal. My boyfriend's name is Nathan so I like that guy.

DD: Ohh I didn't know you had a boyfriend. How long has that been going on? Does he treat you well? What does he do? How old is he? I always pictured you with someone older you know?

HYG: Hmm just a few months, nothing serious. And yes, he is older, I like older guys - they just seem more driven and motivated.

DD: So do you like Mark Recchi then? He's 43 years old and still playing.

HYG: That's a little too old.

DD: So HYG, who do you think will win the Stanley Cup this year?

HYG: Well my boyfriend wants the Canucks to win it because they are a Canadian team (of course that douchebag boyfriend would think like that).

DD: Oh yes, many people are thinking that way (what a douchebag her boyfriend must be). Do you know any players on the Canucks?

HYG: Hmm there's that guy named Ryan. I always loved that name and he is the one with the abs I think?

DD: Yes, Ryan Kesler is a great two-way player and does have some abdominal muscles. Some have him as a Conn Smythe favourite because of his stellar play in these playoffs.

HYG: I have no idea what that is, did Sidney Crosby win it? I loooove Sidney Crosby.

DD: It's for the MVP to their team during the playoffs... and Crosby hasn't won it nor is he playing . Back to the Canucks, do you think the Sedins will light it up in the Finals?

HYG: Oh, those red-headed twins? I don't really like red-heads, so no.

DD: I guess that's some good input... Well thanks for answering some of my questions, you are helping me with my hockey blog.

HYG: Oh cute, I didn't know people still wrote blogs. I had one 5 years ago when I was in highschool. It was about fashion and puppies.

So there you have it, the Vancouver Canucks look to be the Stanley Cup favourites based on Ryan Kesler's abs and lululemon athletica.


  1. Huge pet peeve...."I will cheer for the Canadian team left in the playoffs". Why do people feel the need to say this?

  2. Great post
    Thanks for the laugh dangle bros

  3. Recchi's also a Dr don't ya know!

  4. LMAO..haha..great blog

  5. "the Vancouver Canucks look to be the Stanley Cup favourites based on Ryan Kesler's abs and lululemon athletica"

    love it

    Canucks in 6

  6. A blog about fashion and puppies lol GOLD

  7. Kesler is so hot
    More Ryan Kesler please

    Canucks up 1-0 :)

  8. Is this HYG about Camille?

  9. sounds like you are portraying that all attractive females are that retarded about hockey.. i doubt this girl actually says she is a "hockey fan" and more like says she "likes hockey" if asked. but yeah it was funny and I myself am an attractive female hockey fan, fun no worries because I can argue with the best of em',

  10. So you are an attractive female eh
    What are you doing for game 3?

  11. Daniel Craig is a kick-ass James Bond.

  12. Yeah suck it Canucks fans...oh wait, thats what Burrows wants to do to Bergeron's fingers, right after he gets done biting on them!!!. Bruins had it in the bag. Mark Recchi, a Hero, a Legend.


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