Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bears Playing Hockey?

We stumbled upon this and are baffled that we've never seen it before.
Warning: Some viewers may be offended by this video as it involves questionable treatment of animals in which bears are performing for entertainment as hockey players on skates

At first watch, we couldn't decide whether this was real or not. Many argue the skates wouldn't fit the bears and the movements of the bears are too humanlike (bear suits) or CGI. However after a quick google search, it looks like the New York Times did our dirty work years ago and found that circus acts like this are indeed REAL and common in Russia. Apparently these acts have been around for decades and even did a tour in Canada where the Moscow Circus on Ice was protested for animal cruelty, with the Edmonton SPCA finding no cruelty laws being broke. Bears even perform during intermissions in Russia for entertainment - personally we like Timbits hockey better.

A few quick thoughts on this:
  • It's wrong
  • #3 has a sick slapshot
  • The white goalie is a sieve
  • The red goalie got in a scrap so he has to be Tim Thomas
  • It's wrong

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  1. That can't be real. Looks fake.
    Crazy vid

  2. There is something not right about that video. Poor Bears

  3. this is cruel... hope this circus got shut down

  4. Fascinating yet disappointing.

  5. Still better than watching the Devils!

  6. i dont see how its wrong the bears look like they're having a good time, who knew bears could play hockey? how awsome is that? really quite awsome i say!

  7. THIS IS SICK AND CRUEL. They don't look like they're having a good time - I couldn't even finish watching this video... just sick. Let's go PETA, end this animal torture

  8. Can we ban ALL Bruins from playing hockey?

    -Bitter Canuck Fan : (

  9. Bitter Canuck fan atleast your team makes the playoffs. Leaf fans don't even remember what a playoff game is like.

    I read that they burn the bears paws to make them stay up on two feet like that.

  10. this is wild....

    I did some research too John and read that they shock them if they let go of the hockey sticks or fall down...

    now is that how they teach tykes how to skate?


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