Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daniel Sedin Makes Messier Guarantee

Daniel Sedin may have taken seven too many punches from Brad Marchand last night, as following the game, he guaranteed his Canucks would win Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals at home Wednesday night. It's always interesting when professional athletes say things like this and it will no doubt add to the drama that will unfold Wednesday night. Does Daniel score a hat trick and save his best game for last? Or... do the Bruins chase Boo-ongo out of net again and win the series' first game on away ice.


  1. Sedin is no Messier. Now the Nucks are going to lose forsure

  2. Bruins are going to win 3-1 tonight

  3. Sedin is an idiot, Bruins are probably laughing at this and will make fun of him when they hoist the Cup, Go B's!

  4. Did Daniel Sedin actually play in Game 7?
    Didn't see him out there


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