Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dirty Dangle 2011 NHL Awards Drinking Game!

The NHL Awards are as entertaining as a Sidney Crosby interview, so why not have a few drinks with your buddies to get you through the slow parts. Pick who you think will take home some hardware and follow along with the Dirty Dangle NHL Awards Drinking Game. After the awards are handed out, have your own after-party by grabbing your net and heading over to the nearby parking lot with a cube of beer for some drunken ball hockey with friends. Try and keep the sticks down - some of us have to work in the morning.

Here are the drinking rules and remember, don't be an idiot - drink responsibly:
  • If Jay Mohr makes a joke that you don't find funny - take one drink
  • If you start to find Jay Mohr funny, stop drinking and turn off your TV
  • If Daniel Sedin thanks Mike Milbury during his Art Ross speech for his support throughout the playoffs, take a Twin Sisters shot
  • If any jokes about Jeff Skinner not being old enough to drink at the Awards or even step foot in a casino are made, take 6 drinks and feel depressed that he is so young and talented - then talk about your high school glory days.
  • If the player you picked wins the Award, dish out 3 drinks
  • If the player you picked doesn't win the Award, take 3 drinks
  • If anybody mentions Dan Ellis and the Bruins $100,000 bottle of champagne in the same sentence, drink a bottle of Olde English
  • Since the NHL Awards are in Las Vegas, and thus on the road for Roberto Luongo, take 3 drinks if he actually shows up
  • For the Jack Adams, if your pick does not win, drop an “F-Bomb” in honour of Bruce Boudreau - drop a shot of hot sauce into your beer and chug.
  • If you think to yourself at all during the Awards, "Why the hell is [insert random celebrity] here?" - take 3 drinks
  • If Erik Johnson attends the awards, make yourself a Broken Down Golf Cart
  • If you've never heard of the band/musician performing, take 3 drinks
  • Any mention of Chaka Khan, 10 drinks
  • If anyone thanks the city of Vancouver for staying classy during the playoffs, order a Flaming Lamborghini shot (or you can call it a Flaming Police Car)
  • If you spot Rick Tocchet (it is Vegas) in the crowd, take 5 drinks
  • If the City of Winnipeg is mentioned, take a drink
  • If the City of Atlanta is mentioned, pour a 40oz on the curb
  • If any jokes about biting are made, take a Snake Bite shot
  • If a guy who plays like a road hockey goalie wins the Vezina Trophy, finish your beer and go look for your old foam goalie pads in the shed to get ready for your NHL comeback
  • If Shea Weber shows up looking like a lumber jack with his famous beard, do a Man Shot if you're crazy enough
  • At the end of the Awards when the curtains close, do your best Pasi Nurminen impression and call it a night

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  1. I did a Pasi Nurminen last weekend. Not that much fun:)

  2. looking forward to it... hopefully drinking excessive amounts makes the awards better

  3. "Since the NHL Awards are in Las Vegas, and thus on the road for Roberto Luongo, take 3 drinks if he actually shows up"


  4. Getting bombed on a Wednesday night sounds like fun to me.
    Need to grab some Molson M

  5. Going to be an odd night with Crosby and OV not winning any awards.

  6. Time to get drunk!

  7. Boy did the awards suck last night. My highschool hockey banquet was better.

  8. I forgot all about EJ and his golf cart

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