Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hardships Of A "Bruins" Fan In Vancouver

This is a great video from Vancouver comedian Andrew Barber about Greg "a big Boston Bruins fan" living in Vancouver. Greg thinks the Sedin's are bullshit and doesn't like the feeling of being in a diorama. Greg is firm believer in Tim Thomas and his band of terribly talented beautifully bumblebee coloured men, right up until the point where he finds the Raffi Torres railroad tracks and ponders his Bruins potential against the Canucks. We only have one dispute about Alex Burrows having more heart than the floor of a cardiac surgery room at the Boston Medical Centre on Whopper Wednesday, as talking about Burger King might make him hungry.

Here is a follow up video after Game 1 in which Greg is upset over the unfairness of 2-on-1's and Dan Ham-Weese's hipcheck on Milan Lucic.


  1. Pretty funny stuff

  2. Honestly guys, this is the worst cup final as far as classiness of organizations go. Vancouver is full of dive-artists, soccer players like the Sedin's, Kesler (great as he may be, he's a diver), Burrows (biting people? He should have been suspended.... but nope, game winner in game 2), Lapierre (everyone hated him in Montreal but now that he's a Canuck he's awesome? Give me a break). Boston has: someone who was almost charged criminally this year (Chara), Mr. Environment and safe hockey Andrew Ference (even though as clearly pointed out on Coaches Corner, he shoulders players blindly in the head and flips off fans), and Recchi who claims Pacioretty "milked" his injury.

    If not for Thomas and Luongo, I wouldn't give two shits about this years final. I can't ever remember saying that about a cup final... but this is that year. Better luck next year boys.

  3. @Brad

    Man you need to chill out and just enjoy what little hockey is left this season.

    Go Canucks Go

  4. I'm trying my best. It just seems like every time I watch either team play I get a new reason to dislike one or the other. Hockey is hockey, so I'll always watch. Except this time I'm only rooting for the goalies lol.

  5. I am with Brad
    It's hard to get into these playoffs when I hate both teams so much.
    Hate to say it but been watching more of the NBA finals this year.


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