Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Like Barq's Root Beer, Burrows Has Bite

With all the bite talk in these Stanley Cup Finals, Alex Burrows could very well be on his way to an endorsement with Barq's Root Beer. After his Game One "inconclusive" bite of Patrice Bergeron in which the NHL swept the matter aside, it seems as though the players have decided to handle the matter internally. Maxim Lapierre, Mark Recchi, and Milan Lucic have all exchanged gestures mocking the biting incident and are turning the Finals into a circus.

Here is the initial bite by Burrows on Bergeron:
Houses of the Hockey has a frame-by-frame investigation of the bite in which you can clearly see Burrows chomp down. There is no denying Bergeron's finger was in Burrows' mouth, and that Burrows did bite. While Patrice Bergeron should practice his facewashing after the whistle, Burrows should have been punished, or at the very least be forced to wear a muzzle for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Little did we know, the Burrows bite would develop a cult following...

Here is the first bite taunt we see by Maxim Lapierre on Patrice Bergeron:

While this could be seen as an offering to even up the bites on both sides, many did not like the gesture by the super-pest. One of those people was Claude Julien, who was very unimpressed by Lapierre's mockery of that situation. Julien questioned the Canucks conduct, and concluded that behaviour like that would not be acceptable or tolerated on his team.

So now that we know Julien doesn't like that behaviour, let's jump to Game Three:
That would be 43-year-old, Mark Recchi, escalating the biting incident by taunting Lapierre in the same manner Lapierre did to Bergeron. So was Julien's message of not tolerating that kind of behaviour unheard by Recchi? We understand he's 43 and might be losing his hearing faster than his hair, but most people wouldn't have expected Recchi to engage in that conduct... oh wait, he did think the Canadiens embellished Max Pacioretty's injury. Always a leader, Recchi inspired another Bruin to participate in this behaviour.

Young power-forward, Milan Lucic:
Late in the game, Lucic would use Burrows as a punching bag before asking him to smell his fingers (mmmm.. Butterscotch? [NSFW link]). While these incidents are humorous, they are getting old, and turning these Stanley Cup Finals into something they are not meant to be.

Put your fingers away boys and play the game.


  1. I made a comment on here on the Boston fan in Vancouver page, like I said... no class in this years cup final. I stick to that.

  2. these playoffs have been a joke, all this after whistle shit... NHLers are supposed to be classy and instead they are acting like stupid NFL and NBA players who showboat or taunt like this... Wake up Vancouver and Boston, you're giving the league a blackeye

  3. Just saw that if a player pulls any finger taunting during a scrum they get 2 and a 10 minute misconduct. Seems fair.

  4. god I love Barqs Root Beer

  5. Burrows should have been suspended.

    Lapierre Should have been fined.

    Recchi and Lucic should have been fined.

    And by fine, I don't mean that $2500 shit... make them actually think about it

  6. Canucks are going to win Game 4

    Go Canucks Go

  7. Awesome pic of the Burrows Biting machine

  8. Biting and sticking fingers in mouths sounds like a Friday night at club Wicked.

  9. I love biting


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