Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot 2011 Hockey Cards

Vancouver had its second Stanley Cup Riot - almost 17 years to the date - since 1994 after losing the Stanley Cup Final in Game Seven. Those that participated in the violent destruction of Vancouver and looting of local businesses will hopefully be brought to justice as their crimes were broadcast and captured by the world last night. We cardboarded some fools from the 1994 Riot recently, and now we will brand those from the 2011 Riot as Fools of the Game.
The Fire Starter Fools of the Game collectible card is distant cousin of the past "Fire on Ice" series. The card features an alleged fan posing in front of a flaming car. The Fire Starter is used to lighting chimineas in his backyard, but saw an opportunity to graduate to a higher level - teddy bears and vehicles. Will sometimes answer to the name Brock Anton.
Just like the Cirque Du Stupide hockey card, the Traffic Light Humper is attracted to climbing traffic poles in order to rub against the light. Risking injury and death, the Traffic Light Humper will shimmy up any pole for gratification with blatant disregard for their safety, or for those below them when they most likely fall.


  1. rioters are retards... glad theyre not fans of the game

  2. It would happen in Toronto if the Leafs made the final. Any crazy hockey city would go nuts if their team lost.

  3. one of the reasons I havent been saying much about the Vancouver riots to my friends/family - Toronto would do worse


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