Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 NHL Entry Draft Drinking Game

It's Friday night, why not have a little predrink fun before the bar while watching
your favourite NHL team draft their future, or throw it away like Mike Milbury...
If you are seeing double during this draft - stop drinking
Pick your own Draft Order for the 1st round or you can use a mock draft from your favourite blog or one of the many “expert” draft predictions out there (here's Bob McKenzie's rankings). Don't be an idiot and go too hard to the point where you're puking like these kids did after doing the VO2 max test at the Combine.

For Draft Selections:
  • Drink the difference between your selection and the actual selection
  • If a player goes higher than your selection – 1 drink
  • If a player drops lower than your selection - 2 drinks
  • If a player you selected slips out of the Top 10 – 3 drinks
  • If a player you selected slips out of the Top 20 – 4 drinks
  • If a player you selected slips out of the 1st round – 5 drinks
For Trades:
  • If Gary Bettman says “we have a trade to announce” – 3 drinks
  • If that trade is draft picks being swapped – 1 drink
  • If that trade involves a prospect – 2 drinks
  • If that trade involves a roster player – 3 drinks
  • If Gary Bettman uses a stepladder to make the announcement – 5'5" drinks
For General Managers:
For Players:
  • Every time they say the word "dream" while being interviewed - 1 drink
  • If a player shows obvious signs of sweating (pit stains) - 3 drinks
  • If a player actually says he is excited to play in Florida, Phoenix or Long Island (they probably failed the psych tests) - 4 drinks
  • If a player refuses to put on the jersey of the team that drafted them - 12 drinks


  1. I need to visit Toronto sometime so we can get a good game going! Maybe we can get a July 1st free-agency game going next summer or something.

  2. I am pumped for the draft tonight. Hope my Flames make some moves.

  3. Dave,

    You take care of the flight, we'll take care of the accommodations and beverages

  4. Brayden Schenn to the Oilers for the 1st pick. You heard it here first

  5. Heading to the beer store now. Tonight feels like a Moosehead lime kinda night.

  6. The funniest part of the first round was when a GM said something about being "here in Minneapolis" and got booed by the crowd there in St. Paul. hahaha

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