Sunday, June 26, 2011

Players Behaving Badly

With the recent departure of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter from the Philadelphia partying scene, it's time to look at what the city of Philadelphia will be getting back in return.
That's newly acquired Wayne Simmonds on the left, with Winnipeg Jets forward Anthony Stewart at centre, and his younger brother Chris Stewart of the St.Louis Blues on the right wing. Simmonds brings some speed and grit to the Flyers and his playing style alone should earn him some fan support as a hard working player. With Richards and Carter gone though, will Wayne have anyone to share a 60oz with?

As for Jakub Voracek, all we could find was some bad hair...

And Brayden Schenn - a past picture after a chocolate bar eating binge with brother Luke.


  1. nice looking gun show boys

  2. Love that they have the Toronto Sun posted up in the

  3. Chris Stewart is going to score 40 next year. Those guys are beasts

  4. Luc Schenn was so
    Great pics

  5. I can see Wayne being good friends with Versteeg


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