Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why The Boston Bruins Won The Stanley Cup

  • The Sedin's went missing... Like... Phil Kessel Missing...
  • Brad Marchand's nose for the net led the way with 11 goals, 5 of which came in the Finals
  • Roberto Luongo chirped Tim Thomas after Game 5 - The Hockey Gods don't like that. How can you chirp Tim Thomas anyways? He seems like such a nice guy.
  • Keith Ballard shitting the bed and getting scratched most of the playoffs while making $4.2M for the next 4 seasons...
  • The Bruins wanted to win in Canada so 19 year old rookie, Tyler Seguin, could celebrate legally
  • Two Swedes and a Cup is not a video I'd want to see as the sequel to 2 Girls 1 Cup.
  • Canucks had no secondary scoring - check that - they had nobody scoring. 8 goals in 7 games is not going to win you a championship
  • Don Cherry would say that the Bruins had more Canadian born players so that's why they won
  • The Canucks didn't have a chance against the Cam Neely Curse.
  • There were also rumblings that Cam "The Hoss" Neely threatened most of the Canucks lives
  • He wasn't flashy, but Tomas Kaberle did put up 11 points during these playoffs, including a team leading 5 powerplay points (ok that's not much, but he still led)
  • Patrice Bergeron put up 20 points in 23 games, but most importantly shut down the other teams top lines during the playoffs on his way to a +15 rating
  • Defence wins championships and the Bruins had 13 players in the top 15 for plus minus with Chara leading the way with as a + 16
  • TIM THOMAS - the best road hockey and ice hockey goalie in the world.
  • David Krejci with little fanfare led the playoffs in points with 23, including 4 game winning goals
  • Milan Lucic put the team on his massive curved shoulders and led the way physically for the Bruins
  • Shawn Thornton only played 7 minutes a night during the playoffs, but used them wisely and had a huge impact as a role player
  • In the game of life a 7 foot Czech always beats a Swedish Ginger (unless you are at the rippers)


  1. Wow Ballard is a bust. Wonder what the nucks are going to do with him.

  2. "Two Swedes and a Cup is not a video I'd want to see as the sequel to 2 Girls 1 Cup."

    Thanks for reminding me of that video

  3. Tim Thomas played out of his mind. That is the mean reason for Boston winning.

  4. Tim Thomas is a phenomenal goalie.

  5. Tim Thomas played great and loved seeing Kabby lift the cup:)

  6. I didn't know Keith Ballard was making that much.


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