Friday, July 15, 2011

Bill Watters Doesn't Like Parades

Last week during his radio show, Bill Watters, got himself into some troubled water.

This is what Watters had to say about newly acquired Maple Leaf Cody Franson:

“Well, I’m at a loss. The only… you’ve got to look through his statistics, he’s got some offensive flair, he is not what you would call a rugged, truculent, testosteronic, guy… He’s more of a 3rd of July parade guy. He likes to enjoy the good life and I don’t, I just can’t put a reason behind why you’d give up on a 6’5 defenceman with offensive skill unless he’s just a bit too soft.”

The July 3rd parade that Watters is referring to is the Toronto Pride Parade - the same one Toronto Maple Leafs president and general manager, Brian Burke, marches in.

This was a very over the top comment that of course was made to get people talking and create a reaction from the viewers. It's the summer months and maybe less people are tuning into to his show which is a sports talk show with a large chunk of it being about what Bill knows best- hockey.

Pension Plan Puppets, a Toronto Maple Leaf blog, is encouraging its readers to get to the bottom of this and email Bill Watters and call his show to see what he really meant. So far Watters has refused comment, but if he doesn't handle this soon who knows what will happen. A few months ago Sportsnet broadcaster, Damian Goddard, was fired for his controversial tweets on gay marriage. Will the same happen with Watters for this comment?


  1. Cody Franson is soft
    But not pride parade soft

  2. Watters should be fired for making comments like that.

  3. Bill Watters has been Firedddddddd

  4. Waters wasn't fired. His show was canceled because the radio station was reformating.


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