Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dany Heatley Cottage Tour

Another Dany Heatley parody gem from a few years back, but still very laughable. Watch Heatley strut around his cottage like an All-Star and go swimming in the lake with his shirt on like a fat kid in Grade 7 pool class. Now that Heater's in Minnesota, will he buy another cottage on one of their 10,000 Lakes?

Big slap in the pads to Dirty Dickie for this link from OttawaGh0st:


  1. Funny Vid.
    I bet Heatley scored 40 plus goals next year with the wild

  2. lol heaters clawin

  3. Hey, why dont you guys fuck off and stop posting these dumb fucking videos of me. Everyone already knows I'm a fucking all-star....I'll dirty dangle your fucking girlfriends


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