Sunday, July 3, 2011

How the NBA Lockout Will Affect A Hockey Fan

With the NBA announcing a lockout last week, just like the NFL did a few months ago, this lockout will no doubt impact hockey fans everywhere. With two of the four major North American professional sports leagues potentially having no seasons, hockey fans have to be ready to adjust to some changes they might see this upcoming 2011-2012 NHL season. Here are a few things hockey fans will have to keep an eye out for:

  • With more NBA players going to NHL games with their time off, there will be more obstructed viewing seating
  • MLSE will be pissed and double the Maple Leafs ticket prices...yet still sell out
  • You will have to remind new fans that despite their overexcitement and baldness, Pierre McGuire and Chuck Swirsky are not the same person
  • Rick Nash will benefit from having the same last name as Steve Nash and become a fan favourite amongst NBA fans.... on that note, Steve Nash will also attend more NHL games waving towels and sloshing beer
  • In an effort to make the NBA viewers transition to NHL hockey easier, Gary Bettman will now give each team 10 timeouts in the 3rd period
  • Hockey fans will notice much better ice conditions in arenas that share both NBA and NHL teams as surface conversions won't be happen as frequent
  • There's a good chance in markets where NBA and NHL teams exist the owners will try and "basketballize" the arena and have music playing throughout play
  • With NFL and NBA facing locked out seasons, the Toronto Maple Leafs have a chance to crack the Top 100 on ESPN's Ultimate Team Rankings
  • If you are a sports fan in Atlanta - get ready for the worst year of your life - No NFL, No NBA, and No Atlanta Thrashers
  • In an attempt to follow in Michael Jordan's sports crossover and to inflate his ego, LeBron James takes his talents to the Abbotsford Heat of the AHL
  • New viewers from the NBA will call hockey "neanderthal" and "criminal" for the physical contact that is allowed; when you counter with your argument, make sure not to hurt their feelings as that's a technical foul
  • Jack Nicholson without his LA Lakers will now have rinkside seats for LA Kings games where he can continually abuse referees and opposing players
  • Using some of the NBA All-Star Weekend events to gain basketball fans, the NHL features a celebrity game in which Justin Bieber will look to become the first celebrity to capture two MVPs in two different sports


  1. No NBA and NFL..sounds like a great year of sports to me

  2. I'm a bad sports fan and focus my attention on Hockey, so I had no idea about this. Maybe it will make Hockey more popular in the states. Then I won't have to move to Canada, because my fellow Americans don't understand my obsession with the sport.

  3. @D.M Vasso

    Hockey is the best sport. It's fast and has skill but also alittle bit of the rough stuff.

  4. @Dev

    Agreed. That's why I like it so much.

  5. "In an effort to make the NBA viewers transition to NHL hockey easier, Gary Bettman will now give each team 10 timeouts in the 3rd period"

    I can't stand basketball and the last 2 minutes takes 20..

  6. It's pretty sad how Toronto's teams are ranked so low on that espn list.
    You can blame most of it on MLSE

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  11. I think it affects upon Hockey. Let see what happened.

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