Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wax Stain Wednesday - Patrick Roy

Wax Stain Wednesday is a regular feature on Dirty Dangle. Our pal Dave at Wax Stain Rookie is an avid autograph and card collector and has some amazing experiences to share with us. WARNING: these posts may make you want to buy a Beckett and get those dusty hockey cards out from under your bed that you hide from your girlfriend like a secret porn collection.
Well Sam has finally showed up with the first post-strike TTM. I was beginning to wonder what happened to all my letters that were floating around out there. However, the first one that made it back is one that I would suggest gives me the most hope for all my outstanding requests! Who knew St. Patrick ’s Day was the 18th of July? Well in Nova Scotia it is!

Back in January, I mailed off two Patrick Roy cards to the Quebec Remparts and after a couple of months I was wondering if I would ever get them back. I know Patrick is a busy man and signing autographs for free probably isn’t his idea of a fun time, but I waited patiently. When asked by friends or readers if there were any I wasn’t expecting back I always thought to this one request. Well, a little over 6 months later I have my cards back but.....they aren’t autographed. I received a small note and something I didn’t send out.

The note thanked me for my interest and stated that based on the volume of fan mail there was no way he (Patrick Roy) could sign my cards along with everyone else’s, but to accept a signed photo instead for my collection. The letter is signed, but both signature and letter are a photocopy.
The photo is designed much like a hockey card and the back is blank. The size is about a 4x6 and the autograph is done in blue sharpie.

So, you might be wondering, am I disappointed? Short answer, no, I asked for an autograph and Patrick Roy was kind enough to give me one. Did he read my letter? Probably not, so there might be a little disappointment because of that and I picked out cards I thought would look pretty cool autographed, but in the end, getting something signed is still pretty cool and it will look great in my collection. I will likely frame something like this or try and find an oversized card holder so that I can display it in my house.

In all, I have an auto from a Hall of Fame goaltender, who many believe is the greatest of all-time. Not bad for the time it took to write a letter, and more than worth the wait!


  1. Patrick Roy should have just got his rapper son to do the autograph for you

  2. I am a huge Patrick Roy fan. But he couldn't find 10 seconds to sign a card.
    Not Cool

  3. Glad that Sam the mailman had a TTM for ya.
    Well It's nice that Patrick actually sent you something back. Would have been a jerk move not to.

  4. "I can't hear you Jeremy with my 2 cup rings plugging my ears"

  5. Well atleast he sent something back. I don't understand why players wouldn't.

  6. How much would something like this cost?


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