Friday, July 22, 2011

Winnipeg Jets Logo Revealed

After the tide of free agent frenzy has receded, usually the only worthy hockey news in late July or August seem to be NHL teams redesigning logos and jerseys, or Patrick Kane incidents. While Patrick Kane made news this week with wrist surgery, the Winnipeg Jets finally released what their new logo will be for their 2011-2012 comeback season.

I'll be honest, when I checked at work today and saw their logo as the main picture, I thought the story was going to be about a curling tournament going on. The logo initially looks like a fighter jet doing a fly-by over a curling rink, but it is starting to grow on us. We're big fans of the pilot wings with two hockey sticks and a maple leaf on top design as well, which would make for an awesome shoulder crest.

Of course, not everyone is happy with the logo. The look is militaristic as it based on and looks very similar to the Royal Canadian Air Force roundel. However, considering the name, and the city's history with the Air Force, we say go for it. They had the chance to go for something new and considering the relocation and franchise history of the Thrashers, it's good in our books.

Now with this fighter jet look settled, let's get to some serious talk. Kenny Loggins. Danger Zone. Performing live as the players step onto the ice at the MTS Centre on opening night. How can we make this happen? It's really only a matter of time before the players create call signs and officially go by that. We also support a Winnipeg Jets beach volleyball charity tournament.

With that in mind, crank this video up and watch the NHL video release of the Jets new logo below:


  1. I love the logo
    They had to mix it up and glad they didn't get all crazy. Kept it classy

  2. I have mixed feelings about this new logo, I thought that they were going to stick with the old one.

  3. It looks like a beer label in the 1950's or something

  4. Nice new logo. But the Jets won't be a playoff team next season so who cares.

  5. I dont really like this new logo, I think it does look like a beer label, including it looks bunk compared to other logos. Come on manitoba make a better logo.

  6. I like the Logo. But the team sucks and won't be making the playoffs this year.

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