Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gary Roberts And His Chia Pets

It is well known that Gary Roberts is a machine. After two neck surgeries in the mid nineties to repair nerve damage due to bulging discs, he retired at the age of 30. His retirement was short lived however, as Roberts would return like X-Men's Wolverine and play another 11 NHL seasons. To get back into the game he loved, Roberts changed his lifestyle so that he could still compete at a top level.

Roberts' legend would culminate in this:
Now retired, Roberts' is earning respect as one of the best high performance trainers in hockey. Thanks to Steven Stamkos and his explosive seasons the past two years, Roberts' training is getting a lot of attention. Stamkos added the "Freshman 15" after his rookie season... but not in fat, in muscle. We're not sure how that's possible, but Stammer won the Rocket Richard Trophy with 51 goals his sophomore season. Last season's Calder Trophy winner, Jeff Skinner, is also a pupil of Roberts - I will be drafting him early in my fantasy hockey for sure. Brayden Schenn is also under the wing of "Scary Gary", so expect him to put his name up on the Flyers "Dry Island" this season.

One of the strictest parts of the program takes place in the kitchen, with players assigned a diet with no wheat, no sugar, no soy and no processed foods - everything must be organic. These foods include goat's milk, sprouts, mung beans, hemp and ch-ch-ch-chia.

Sounds intense, but that's Gary Roberts for you.


  1. "You can't even keep up with Gary Roberts!" - Georges Laraque. LOL

  2. I dont even know what those foods are...

  3. ch ch ch CHIA!

    I remember I had the Mr. T one!

  4. Gary is a beast. One of my favorite Leafs of all time.

    I still remember is overtime winner against the Sens in triple OT.

  5. I think Gary Roberts could have turned Nik Antropov into a good player!

  6. @Dave H

    Would have liked to seen Antropov take the next step as a player. He is a solid 2nd line guy but never should have played as much as he did with the Leafs. 50 pts a year is solid.

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