Thursday, August 11, 2011

NHL Free Agent Leftovers

It's almost the middle of August and there are still some solid UFA's leftovers out there waiting to be signed. While some leftovers hide in the back of your fridge for weeks, some leftovers can be put to good use with the right fixings. Here is our starting line-up of the NHLer's that are taking up beer space in your fridge.


Cory Stillman
Stillman isn't a top offensive guy anymore, but at the age of 37 he can still help add some depth to most teams in the league. While injuries have hampered his point production the past three years, he had a solid finish last season racking up 16 points in 21 games after the trade deadline. He still has some gas in the tank left and if he can keep from spoiling he'd be a great veteran addition on any team.

John Madden

I might be somewhat biased since John Madden was a great checking line centre for my Stanley Cup winning Maple Leafs this year in NHL 11. But still on a brutal Minnesota team Madden put up 12 goals and 25 points as a checker. At 38 he still has one good season left in him and can add a solid leadership presence in the locker room.

J.P. Dumont
Do you remember when Dumont had 29 goals and 72 points? Well that was just back in 2008 and I remember because he was on my Yahoo! Fantasy team and was a solid sleeper pick. Dumont is still only 33 and has plenty of hockey left. I am very surprised that teams haven't taken a chance on him at a low price to see if he can find his soft touch around the net again.


Bryan McCabe
McCabe is sitting on the sidelines this summer waiting for a decent offer to roll in. There has to be a team out there that needs a boost to there powerplay and McCabe can still hit the net with his bombs from the point. Given his age, McCabe has limited years left to keep his silly hairstyles going before having to bic it all off - some team has to take him at a decent price.

Scott Hannan
Hannan made $4.5M last season and if he is expecting to make that this season he will be suiting up in a beer league as a star forward. Hannan is still only 32 and can help most teams in their own end and strengthen their penalty killing unit - he will just have to take a nice pay cut to find an NHL home.


Ray Emery
Sugar Ray only played 9 games last year posting a 7-2-0 record and a very nice 2.22 GAA. You would think that would land you a back-up job somewhere in the NHL, but Emery will have to head to camp with the Blackhawks and compete for the back-up job to get his NHL career back on track. After undergoing surgery which left him missing 13 centimetres of bone in his leg, Razor is looking to bounce back with some saying he is in top form.


  1. Cory Stillman - Here's a guy with two Stanley cup rings that would be a welcome addition to any 3rd line. He could still put up another 40-50 points.

    John Madden - Definately a very underrated 3rd line center, or at his age maybe now a 4th line center. He's a solid playoff guy and great leader, and with 3 Stanley Cup rings he'd be more than welcome on my team.

    J.P. Dumont - I don't know what happened to Dumont exactly last year, but I definately still see 20-goal potential from this guy.

    Bryan McCabe - Great P.P. guy. Would have to sign for a lot less than he's used to. Still a top-4 D-man.

    Scott Hannan - Great penalty killer and leader. Like McCabe, a big pay-cut is necessary.

    Ray Emery - I don't know why he doesn't get any attention, he was great for the short time he was with Anaheim and has proven (when healthy) he's a solid goalie. He probably still has attitude problems and that can definately be a detriment to the locker room.

  2. I am also surprised nobody has signed Stralman. I think he still has some potential.

  3. This line up would be a pretty solid 3rd line. I think John Madden retires though.

  4. I wonder if the problem is they can't find a team, or if a teams are interested but not willing to pay their asking prices?

    I figure Madden, Dumont and McCabe will all find work....Emery will too if someone gets hurt in the preseason.

  5. Emery signed a tryout agreement and will be in camp with the Blackhawks...

  6. Calgary Flames have signed Scott Hannan to a 1 year, $1 million contract.

  7. JP Dumont to the Senators; bottom six forward out please.

    Thank you,


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