Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rare Footage: Brian Gionta Hit

That's a young Brian Gionta (although about the same size) throwing a hit with proud commentary from behind the camera. The video is from the Montreal Canadiens HabsTV which has been showing clips of Habs players as kids in a segment called Road to the NHL. A very cool idea on the Canadiens' part for those slow days in August. This is one of our favourites: Michael Cammalleri scoring a game-tying goal during a championship game as a kid.


  1. That is the only clip they could find of him

  2. were those videos made for scouts? Why does the camera man who i'm assuming is his dad keep going...BRAIN GIONTA SCORES 4 goals. who talks like that?

  3. Haha
    Ya I watched the other videos. His dad is a proud parent but sounds like a goof.

    "way to go brain, way to go"


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