Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Beer League Hockey

Summer hockey leagues are always a good time - there's just something about showing up to games in shorts and flip flops with a Vinny Lecavalier tan. The summer months make talking shop with the boys in the parking lot after games more enjoyable and you don't have to worry about getting stuck behind salt trucks and snowplows on the way home from the rink. Really the only concern is dealing with a humidex that is as high as Vesa Toskala's goals against average.

This summer was a historic one for the Dirty Dangle family. We are a huge hockey playing family like the Sutter's or Staal's, but with much less talent. Separated by 10 years in age, we've all played with one or two brothers through competitive hockey, but this summer we were all able to suit up together. With 5 brothers on the ice - 4 forwards and 1 goalie - it made for some really interesting post-whistle scrums this season.

We wrapped up our Sunday night beer league last night by taking home the championship - which ended up being the Mini Stanley Cup pictured below. It was a back and forth game with some brutal calls by the referees, but we were able to hang on for a 5-2 win against the defending champs. Thanks to a major momentum change and an NHL 11-style deflection, we gained control of the game for the 3rd period before the penalty parade began. If you know beer league hockey, that can be a long ass parade. Piss off one ref and he'll do everything in his power to ruin your night - including calling back a goal for the penalty box door being left open... yes he actually pulled that card on us.

Overall, it was pretty good hockey for the estimated rowdy crowd of 50 people in attendance. After a couple of laps with the Mini Cup the champagne started to flow in the dressing room with everyone drinking out of the Cup. It was a touching moment when our veteran Player/GM/Coach who you could compare to Reg Dunlop appeared to have tears in his eyes as he took a sip. The celebration went late into the night as we did our best to party like the Boston Bruins - albeit difficult on a part-time salary.
Any readers play summer puck? Got any stories to share?


  1. Congrats! Hopefully, you can build a dynasty.

  2. My Summer league was brutal this year. We were 2-12 and half the time were struggling to find a goalie.

  3. Haha Jokes

  4. Congrats Beach Boys! Did anyone kick the cup into lake ontario?

  5. I really hope that is not a real tattoo you guys got..lol



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