Monday, September 26, 2011

Broadcasters Behaving Badly

First off, photoshopped or real? Deadspin's I-Team is on the case, as are we. So far we can't find any source of the image, or any potential photos of Ron MacLean that could be used in this potential photoshop, so let's go with it's real.

Years of dealing with Don Cherry and wearing silly sweaters have caught up with Ron and he's decided to let loose. Playing air guitar shirtless at a bar is pretty rowdy for anyone, but Ron MacLean? We thought this guy was as clean as a Lady Byng winner,but now a photo surfaces of MacLean looking like a Special Guest Weekend Trailer Park Supervisor at Sunnyvale.

We'll wait for confirmation, but the only thing we can deduct from this photo is that Mr. MacLean concentrates really hard when he does his air guitar solos - look, no emotion!

And now a look at how Ron MacLean became the host of Hockey Night In Canada:


  1. Dave Hodge is awesome

  2. Ya there is no way Ron Mclean and his pompus ass would do something like that.

  3. I want an explanation for this.

  4. Fake image forsure. But the Dave Hodge video is awesome.

  5. I'll bet any amount of money that this is real. I'm from Prince Edward Island and at least once per summer Ron comes to the Island and goes out on the town. I've seen him out at bars there without a shirt on and know people who have seen him drunkenly wandering around downtown without pants as well. What can I say, he's a party animal.

  6. This is real. Ron is an animal!


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