Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fantasy Question Mark: Mike Green

Up until the NHL season officially starts, many will be participating in fantasy hockey drafts. With the injury ninja in full force last season there are no doubt more than a few questions to be raised about some of the players you might want to draft for the season. We'll profile some of the Question Marks leading up to the start of the NHL season to help you out.
During the Summer, Mike toured with the Backstreet Boys
Whenever a player has an off year I usually try and write their name down so I can remember to draft them earlier then their pre-draft ranking. Many fantasy GM's during a draft don't look ahead and just look at the rankings before them. It's a good way to snag players who had abnormal seasons from either playing less games or not racking up the points like they usually do.

But this season I won't be able to do that with Mike Green. He is ranked 19th on the Yahoo! Rankings. Depending on how big your league is you will have to snag him with your late first or 2nd round pick, but is he worth it? Well of course he is. If you can get a top forward with your 1st rounder and end up with Green as your 2nd round pick your fantasy draft is off to a good start.

Green had an injury filled season and put up a modest 24 points in 49 games. It's safe to say that most of the games he was playing in he probably wasn't 100% there. This is a guy that has been over a point-per-game player the past 2 seasons and his 31 goals in 2008-09 still blows me away when I see it on paper.

The great thing also about Mike Green is that he gives you plenty of powerplay points and with Washington always being a strong team his plus minus is normally very high (Green was a +39 during the 2009-10 season). Green is a safe 2nd round pick and I am hoping other GM's in my pool stay away from him so I can get him even later.

Here's to hoping he and OV stop playing around on utility carts before games.


  1. He better be careful on his scooter too!

  2. I took Mike Green last night in a pool in the 2nd round with my 23rd pick.

  3. I like Mike Green
    But expect John Carlson to step up and get more PP time this year

  4. Watching that Video of Ovie driving around in that cart never gets

    Mike Green will never put up 70 pts again.

  5. Staying away from Mike Green
    John Carlson I bet gets more points this year

  6. Nice video to watch.I like Mike Green to step up and get more points and to be ranked on higher place.....

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