Monday, September 19, 2011

Fantasy Question Mark: Zach Parise

Up until the NHL season officially starts, many will be participating in fantasy hockey drafts. With the injury ninja in full force last season there are no doubt more than a few questions to be raised about some of the players you might want to draft for the season. We'll profile some of the Question Marks leading up to the start of the NHL season to help you out. 
Parise getting ignored by Martin Brodeur was insult to injury.
After struggling on the scoresheet early in the season, Parise was forced to the pressbox with a torn meniscus in his right knee. While he did return for a Devils game in early April, his play before the injury was still worrisome. In his 12 games before going on the shelf, Parise had 3 goals and 6 points  - a slow start for him.

I can still remember one of Sidney Crosby's first NHL games against the Devils and Parise had scored a goal resulting in the New Jersey faithful chanting "Parise's better, Crosby Sucks." Since then I have always thought of Parise as Crosby Jr. and it's interesting they both missed significant time last season. Will Parise put up his 2008-09 numbers when he scored 45 goals and had 94 points? We don't think so. But there is no reason he can't be a point per game player again and score 35ish goals.

Parise has something to prove with this being a contract year for him, so he will want to put up some big numbers. His name may be swirling in trade rumours throughout the season as well, which is always exciting for a fantasy owner. If the Devils are shitting the bed, they may sell Parise and increase his fantasy value even more if he's paired up with another elite player. Regardless, Parise is a solid fantasy player when healthy with his special teams stats and shot totals - so take him when you can.

We wonder where Zach Parise would draft himself this season?


  1. I would still take Parise in the top 15. He will be over a point per game guy.

  2. I like to stay away from players that are coming back from serious injuries. Hard to tell if he will be the same player. Just like Crosby I will be staying away.

  3. I remember that game where they did that chant... bloody idiots.

  4. injury wont affect him... hes still a 1st rounder

  5. Bigger question: When does Brodeur go?

  6. Zach will play 80 games, 37 goals and 44 assists. First or 2nd round pick forsure.


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