Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun Things You Can Do In The New NHL 12

The NHL series always creates a great deal of excitement come September. Puckheads are eagerly waiting for the real NHL season to start, so when the latest NHL video game comes out a month before the regular season starts, there's a lot of gaming going on. Every year EA revamps the game by adding a new feature (or returning a feature) and this year is no different. With the introduction of NHL Legends, as well as the ability for greater goaltender interaction, we present you with some of things you will be able to do and recreate in the new NHL 12... and some things we wish you'd be able to do:

  • Create Felix Potvin. Create Ron Hextall. Fight.
  • Play a season with Ray Bourque with your Boston franchise and win a Cup with him in a Bruins uniform.
  • When you unlock Borje Salming you can learn to Grill With Salming as there is a short instructional video on how to cook the perfect steak.
  • Start a franchise and add Chris Chelios to your team - play with him until the year 2025.
  • Start a Be A Pro as a Pittsburgh Penguin and you get to live in Mario Lemieux's house.
  • Improved trading logic in the Be A GM mode will make it nearly impossible for you to trade with the New York Islanders, but you'll still be able to trade Brett Lebda.
  • Get a Gordie Howe Hat Trick with Gordie Howe.
  • Create Nick Kypreos. Create Grant Fuhr. Play a playoff series between the Leafs/Blues and run Fuhr with Kypreos putting him out for the playoffs.
  • With more realistic injuries promised, there will be no more shoulder strains when a player is hit in the foot with a puck, unless of course the player is Rick DiPietro in which case he shatters on your screen into a million pixels.
  • Play at Heinz Field in the snow and hit someone through the glass into a snowbank.
  • Play with the new Winnipeg Jets against the Phoenix Coyotes wearing the franchises old Winnipeg Jets jerseys.
  • Keep Wayne Gretzky in Edmonton where he can actually win more Stanley Cups
  • When you unlock Patrick Roy, you have the option of playing on Roy Volume in which he ignores your commands because his Stanley Cup rings are plugged in his ears


  1. I can't wait for this game to come out Tuesday. Going to take off work.

  2. Not pleased with their choice of Legends.

  3. I agree with you there. The word Legends is being tossed around to freely.

  4. How can you not be happy with Gretz? I mean to say you weren't happy with, you know, the best player ever as a selection?

  5. Got the Game and it's pretty sick. Told my Girlfriend that I won't be around this
    I agree with @JT The word Legends is being tossed around to freely.

  6. Gretzky, Lemieux, Howe and Salming would be considered "Legends" in my book. The remaining players are all great players, but not quite legendary status.

  7. @HaroldDruken

    I have no problem with Bourque and Roy as legends. It would be nice if they had older Legends for some educational aspect for these kids playing. Let them learn about Bobby Hull and Maurice Richard, not J.R or Yzerman who were in the game like 2 years ago.

  8. If you've got Lemieux tagged as a legend then Bourque and Roy have to be included as well. I'd have liked to have seen Orr though

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