Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toronto Maple Leafs Traffic Jam on the Blueline

Leafs fans are ready to name a highway after some players
The Maple Leafs are currently working on finalizing their D-core for their season opener next week and there's been some interesting developments this preseason in regards to who might make it into the starting lineup.

Nine defencemen remain at the Maple Leafs camp. Dion Phaneuf, John-Michael Liles, Luke Schenn, Cody Franson, and Keith Aulie are all locks. Carl Gunnarsson has played well, Jake Gardiner has played great, Matt Lashoff plays guitar, and now we think Mike Komisarek may not have a No Movement Clause. The situation is interesting to say the least for the Leafs towering defence core.
For those that do crack the starting line-up, they will no doubt be looking over their shoulder as there will be someone waiting to jump in to replace them in a Jonas Gustavsson heartbeat. Realistically though, Jake Gardiner has shown the Leafs brass that he might be ready to join the big club later in the year if there are injuries or trades, but he should be starting the season with the Marlies

Who do you think will be patrolling the blueline on October 6th?


  1. Honestly, as much as I wanna say keep Gardiner up... they'll send him down. When this kid hits his prime, the OFD Gardiner/DFD Schenn combo is gonna be fantastic. My predictions for the Leafs starting D 2011-2012:


    Right in line:

    Not a bad problem to have for Leafs/Leafs fans.

  2. @Brad
    I think pretty much Franson has a roster spot forsure and Komisarek will be the 7th extra guy

  3. Leaf fans will put too much pressure on Gardiner and he be torn down just like the original Gardiner

  4. I don't see how Gardiner is in the top 6. You have to think Franson and Aulie should be the bottom 5 and 6 guys

  5. Gardiner has a 2 way, they wont risk losing a guy on waivers... Gardiner is going across the highway to Ricoh

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