Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Winnipeg Jets Reveal Jerseys

The Jets jersey reveal was interrupted by a street fight
Today the Winnipeg Jets revealed what their jerseys would look like for the upcoming season. The reveal took place at the Royal Canadian Air Force base 17 Wing and the first glimpse of the jerseys appeared as Andrew Ladd, Nik Antropov, Mark Stuart and Eric Fehr emerged from Dustin Byfuglien's mouth a cargo plane as pictured below.

As Houses of the Hockey discussed, the jerseys don't look much different than the knockoffs that have been appearing throughout the summer since the Jets revealed their logo in late July. This made for a very underwhelming reveal. Staged in a backdrop out of Street Fighter, the only things that was missing from today were a few pilots watching on crates and a blonde doing a Jersey Shore fist pump.


  1. i fucking love street fighter

  2. Haha

    Jerseys look pretty patrick sharp

  3. Byfuglien is so fat.

  4. I always kicked Ryu's ass with Ken.

    And the jerseys are brutal, do not like them one bit.

  5. They look too similar to CBJ and FLA's... still not a huge fan of the main logo either... just glad hockey is back in the Peg

  6. That video got me look around for my old NES.

    Jets Jerseys look like an old beer logo.

  7. awooken! awooken! sonic boom!


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