Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dougie Hamilton: The Forgotten Piece of the Kessel Trade

When we look back at the trade that took place on September 18th in 2009, we often just look at how Phil Kessel is doing compared to Tyler Seguin.

Phil Kessel is on a tear right now, racking up meaningful points and helping the Toronto Maple Leafs win games. Will he keep up that pace? Probably not. But Kessel should score 40 goals a few times in his career and be a point-per-game player. Tyler Seguin is still only 19 years old and even though he didn't have the best rookie season he still got his name engraved on the Stanley Cup (and stomach). Seguin is off to a hot start in his just his 2nd season with 9 points in 8 games.

If we are just looking to just compare Kessel and Seguin things should even out. Seguin is going to be a point-per-game player that could score 30ish goals a year. Kessel has explosive speed and scoring instincts that just doesn't grow on trees, but we are forgetting about the other 1st round pick that was sent to Boston for Kessel.

Dougie Hamilton was drafted by the Bruins 9th overall with the Leafs 1st round pick just last June. I can remember watching the 2011 NHL Entry Draft and wasn't that sure on Hamilton. As a Leafs fan of I was hoping for the worst and that he would be a complete bust, but so far this season Hamilton has been a monster in the OHL for the Niagara Icedogs.

Hamilton turned 18 in June and is listed now at 6'4 having grown over the summer and many think he still has some growing to do. Hamilton is on fire this season scoring 6 goals and 14 assists for 20 points through 11 games which puts him tied for 7th in OHL scoring. He also has solid stats in school, which earned him the OHL Scholastic Player of the Year after putting up a 94% average including a 97% in Calculus

Oh ya I forgot to mention that he is a defenceman. Many scouts have been comparing him to a Rob Blake or for a more recent comparision - a Brent Burns type of player. HockeysFuture has him rated has an 8.5C prospect which means he should be around a Dan Boyle or Duncan Keith potential. Those are some nice players to be compared to and it will be very exciting to see him on the international stage this year.

It seems like Hamilton is a lock to play for Team Canada at the World Juniors this December. He might also be joined by his older brother Freddie Hamilton, a San Jose 5th rounder in 2010 that also plays for the Niagara Icedogs and has 21 points this year as a centre. Representing Canada is nothing new for the Hamilton's as both their parents were in the 1984 Summer Olympics, with their mother, Lynn, for Basketball and their father, Doug, for rowing.

We're sure many Leaf fans don't want to hear his name, but keep an eye on Dougie Hamilton, he might just turn the Phil Kessel deal into a complete rip off in favour for the Boston Bruins. Oh, and Jared Knight isn't that bad either.


  1. I would say just the way Seguin is playing the deal is almost fair and that is without Hamilton and Knight in the NHL. Once those players make it the Leafs will have lost the deal by a mile

  2. Leafs have already lost the deal... Bruins won the Cup

  3. Let's see how Dougie Hamilton works out. He could be the next Drake Berehowsky

  4. I remember watching the draft and being really pissed they got Hamilton, he will be very solid. I'm still pissed.

  5. The Bruins winning the Cup has no impact on this trade. Seguin wasn't a key player on that team. When they win a Cup with him playing a big role, then you have a point.

  6. Players have lit up the OHL and not been great NHL players. I guess it's a wait and see on Hamiltion. But he is already looking pretty pretty good.

  7. It's been 2-3 years since this trade has happend and I've been pissed off from day #1. Kessel is a good player; point per game type of guy but when you have Seguin who is going to be the captain of Boston one day and will dominate the NHL and he will! Plus you add Jarred Knight and Dougie H. If you were to read their scouting reports you'd know all of leafs nation would turn red at the sight of it. Knight described as "A pure leader not afraid to smash the compotation" and Dougie "An unbelievable talent ready for the NHL now". Let's face it; Kessels' deal was an absolute rip off from the moment the ink hit the paper.


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