Saturday, October 22, 2011

Liam Stewart's Mom Has Got It Going On

This is Liam Stewart of the WHL's Spokane Chiefs:

These are his parents:
That's Rod Stewart of "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" fame and Rachel Hunter (a.k.a Stacey's Mom) of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fame. Or you may know her better as Jarret Stoll's former fiancĂ©e. How a kid whose dad is a British popstar and whose mom is a New Zealand model decides to play hockey is beyond us, but it make for a good story. He was born in London, but grew up in Southern California, which apparently is a hockey hotbed now. Liam first got hooked around the age of 4 when he was in New York for one of Rod the Mod's shows and took in a Rangers game. Looking at the NY Rangers around that time period, and it appears we have a classic case of the Wayne Gretzky Effect.

Liam chose the WHL over college because he wanted to play more games and felt it was the better route for him - he'll also get some international experience next year at the IIHF U18s Division II in the Netherlands playing for Great Britain. So what type of player is Liam? This quote from SeattlePI sums it up:
"Stewart considers himself a defense-first forward like his confidant, Los Angeles Kings forward Jarrett Stoll, who dated his mom."

Looks like Liam is a hard worker and should stick with the team when he's recovered from injury, let's just hope he doesn't grow his hair like his Old Man.


  1. Rachel is a hottie..yumm

  2. I don't think he will even stick in the CHL. Goodluck to him though

  3. definite candidate for hottest hockey mom

  4. Love Rod Stewart
    He gets the hottest chicks. Respect to his son for trying to play a mans game

  5. He is only 16. So still very much a project.
    He has played 6 games so far and scored one goal.

  6. Stewie is gonna be fine here in Spokane

  7. He will have the can do mentally as his MUM is a New Zealander


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