Sunday, October 9, 2011

Questioning the Winnipeg Jets

Hockey is back in Winnipeg with the Jets playing their first regular season game tonight against the Montreal Canadiens. It's been a long 15 years for Winnipeg, but they finally got an NHL hockey team back. Despite their excitement to have an NHL team back in the city, there are many questions that have to be asked about the team, here a few:
  • Will this female model do a re-shoot wearing the news Jets logo?
  • Will the Jets improve on last season's Thrashers record of 34-36-12?
  • Is this Evander Kane's breakout year?
  • The Atlanta franchise has never won a playoff game, how long will it take Winnipeg to get one under their belt?
  • One of the symbolic images of the former Jets was the whiteout, do the new Jets get that going again or opt for a blueout?
  • With an energetic crowd at home almost guaranteed every night, will the Jets have one of the best home records in the league?
  • The team has allowed more goals against than its scored the past 4 years, will they balance it out this season?
  • Thrash is gone, and the Jets have recalled Mick E. Moose from the AHL to be their mascot, will he last? If the Jets decide on a new mascot will it be Guile from Street Fighter?
  • Will the Jets pay homage to the air force by overplaying Top Gun songs?
  • On that note, should the Jets have a Top Gun Charity Volleyball Tournament?
  • Will Mark Scheifele continue his strong play from the preseason (5GP: 4G, 4A), or will he be sent back to the Barrie Colts after 9 games?
  • The team hasn't had a 30 goal scorer since 2008-09 when Ilya Kovalchuk (43) and Bryan Little (31) lit the lamp - will they have one this year?
  • Can Dustin Byfuglien repeat last year?
  • Perhaps the biggest question and potential saviour for the team rests with Ondrej Pavelec, can he lead the team to the playoffs?
  • Will Benny and the Jets be played at intermissions in an arena sing-a-long?
Do you have any questions about the Winnipeg Jets this year?


  1. Jets won't make the playoffs. But they will be an exciting team.

  2. I think next season they get into the playoffs, get a win or two. The season after that, they win their first playoff series

  3. If their rink only holds 15k, how do they expect to make any money?

  4. Even if they sell out every game (15,000 x 41= 615,000) they will have a higher attendance than Atlanta did, and Phoenix, Columbus, and the Islanders...

    They'll be close to Top 20, but will never make it because the MTS is too small.

  5. So... the question remains, how do they expect to make money?

  6. I assume they have some solid television deals... and the merchandise will have to fly off shelves... maybe beers are 20 bucks?

  7. well from all the comments a new arena holding 20,000 plus is due.

  8. who is this model/royal hotness wow...


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