Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Talking NHL Realignment

The NHL Realignment talks are heating up with proposals being tossed around by everyone who owns a keyboard (or crayons). Last night Bob McKenzie tweeted that the Detroit Red Wings could be moving to the Southeast Division so the Winnipeg Jets could take their spot in the Central Division. Then today, he covered just about every scenario in a lengthy blog post. If you're already sick of "what the best plan is" talk, it's only just beginning. 

Every NHL team wants the best for themselves. There are so many factors to take into account it could give you a concussion. Travel time, television exposure, game times and rivalries to name a few. As a Leafs fan, we look forward to those Western road trips in which the games start at 10pm. It's fun once in awhile to be watching your team play at midnight as you watch in the dark and with the volume down low like you're watching something naughty. But imagine being Detroit or Columbus and having those game times a majority of your season? Sure some plans may make geographical sense, but they could really hurt some franchises - and given why we're in this realignment situation -we don't think the NHL wants to go down that relocation route again.

Whatever the outcome the NHL's Board of Governors decide, there will be winners, and there will be losers. 

What do you think should happen?


  1. I hope they keep the Red Wings in the West. The East has enough solid teams. Bring CBJ to the East.

  2. Jets to NW
    Aves to PACIFIC
    Stars TO CENTRAL
    Preds to SE


  3. Can we align the Leafs to the AHL?

  4. @Arachnid

    Leafs are the NHL man. Chill out


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