Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cody Franson: Life In The Press Box

"You can't sit me out if I don't get off the ice"
Some ACC employees are starting to wonder if the 6'5" Cody Franson is part of the Toronto Raptors and has been locked out from playing. Franson is just 24 years old and has a solid career in front of him, but has found himself stuck in the pressbox as the Toronto Maple Leafs 7th defenceman.

Many fans are puzzled, as he was at times in the top 4 with Nashville last year and did score 8 goals and 29 points which are solid offensive numbers from the back end. Franson is clearly frustrated being the odd man out and has been outspoken to the media with his desire to be playing. So far this season Franson has played 4 games, registering 1 assist and is a -5 on the year. In total, he's been a healthy scratch up in the pressbox for 13 games now, so just what is Cody Franson doing up in the press box? We have some ideas:
  • BBMing Brett Lebda for advice
  • Watching the Nashville Predators boxscore refresh on Yahoo! every 30 seconds
  • Camping out up there in protest #OccupyThePressBox
  • Eating more popcorn then Siskel and Ebert
  • Writing out what he thinks the Leaf D-pairings should be
  • Trying to find out who Robert Slaney is
  • Thumb war competitions with Colton Orr and Jay Rosehill
  • Getting really excited when he hears his name in trade rumours (He is a season ticket holder for Eklund's HockeyBuzz
  • Sampling all the hot dogs from Burkie's Dog House while trying to figure out why he's in Ron Wilson's
  • Introducing himself to all the visiting GM's and showing them his YouTube highlights on his phone
  • Logging on Joffrey Lupul's Twitter account to check out all Halloween costumes his female followers sent him
  • Plays eye-spy with the other Maple Leaf scratches
  • Reading Tyler Bozak's cheat sheets for Call of Duty


  1. Franson has looked like garbage in the games he has played.
    Just wait for an injury and he will start getting some time.

  2. I think Nashville is still trying to find out who Robert Slaney is

  3. I feel bad for this guy. This trade couldn't have gone worse for him but it's only a matter of time before something gives. The Leafs have simply too many defencemen. Burke may not have made a hasty deal due to the excess but one can't be far off. The Leafs certainly can't afford to have a slew of disgruntled defencemen who aren't getting a chance due to a numbers game. That won't end well in a city that eats, sleeps, and breathes hockey. Journalists will be calling Franson's mother in no time.

  4. Franson should play Thursday night with his return to Nashville

  5. Let's see how Franson does tonight in Music City.

    I know Leaf Nation is down on the guy. But I am still a big fan and see him part of our future.


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