Friday, November 11, 2011

Is Eric Staal's Shitty Season A Product Of Guilt?

Eric Staal is a star centre, but is playing like a concussed defenceman right now. In 15 games he only has 5 points and is a league-worst -16 on the year. We're curious if injuring his brother last season is weighing heavily on his mind.

During a game last season on Feb 22nd between the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers, Eric clocked his brother Marc Staal with a clean - yet vicious - hit. Marc was looking down for the puck and in a vulnerable position when Eric checked him.

When asked about the hit, Eric didn’t know at the time that it was his brother he checked. But right after his brother hit the ice Eric realized it was Marc he had just hammered. Marc would miss 2 games after the hit, but the concussion word was never used and it was released as an undisclosed injury. He would play the rest of the season and help the Rangers sneak into the playoffs.

During the summer, Marc's condition worsened and he was officially placed on the injured reserve with a concussion before the team headed to Europe for the NHL Premiere. You can blame the New York Rangers for letting him come back last year and who knows how much damage that did, but the person feeling the most blame has to be Eric.

The Staal brothers are a very tight group and Eric, Marc, Jordan and Jared talk all the time. I wonder how much Marc Staal sitting out this season so far has affected Eric, as it can’t feel good knowing you are the reason your brother is sitting on the side lines in pain.


  1. Bad year to take Staal with my 2nd round pick. That minus 16 is killing my team.

  2. Looking at that hit, he had to have known who he was hitting...

  3. Took him in ALL my pools this year. He was supposed to be reliable top pick...

  4. I don't think his brother not playing is weighing on his mind. Just a tough start to the season and his plus minus should even out.

    Time to try and deal for him in fantasy leagues

  5. I've been waiting to see a good Staal brother fight for awhile now, but it just won't happen. So this is good enough. I don't know if his brother's IR is affecting him, it might just be a tough season.


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