Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Potential Scenarios For Milan Lucic In Buffalo

Immediately after the Sabres and Bruins last meeting, most hockey fans circled this date on their calendar as a must-watch game. In case you missed it, Milan Lucic bowled over Ryan Miller and the Sabres star goaltender has been out ever since with a concussion. There was little retaliation by the Sabres players on Lucic following the hit, which led to a team meeting to discuss how the team dealt with the incident. 

Unfortunately for the Sabres, Miller is still sidelined, and the Bruins are on a 9 game winning streak in which they've outscored their opponents 46-14. That streak won't be the main storyline as Lucic will play an angry Sabres team in front of an even angrier Buffalo crowd at First Niagara Center for the first time since the hit.

Brendan Shanahan has warned both teams about any retaliation, but we're not going to rule out any fireworks. Here are some potential scenarios Milan Lucic might encounter tonight:

#1: Lucic has to answer to Paul Gaustad or Cody McCormick
Early on in the game, gloves will be dropped, and Ryan Miller's honour will be defended... 2 weeks too late.

#2: "Piece of Shit" chants will drown out Rick Jeanneret
Ryan Miller had some choice words for Lucic following their last meeting, and luckily he chose an easy 3-syllable name for Lucic to be chanted by the Sabres faithful. Expect this game to go from PG to PG-13 before the puck even drops.

#3: Jhonas Enroth comes flying out and pulls the old Dominik Hasek flipcheck on Lucic
Miller's backup defends his starting goalie by taking a shot at an unsuspecting Lucic. Seeing Milan Lucic do a full somersault like Marian Gaborik might throw off the Earth's gravitational pull.

#4: Lucic gets hit with an object from the crowd: "A key chain? Car keys? House keys? Keys to the camper?"
A fan goes all Slapshot on Milan and throws a tire iron or monkey wrench at him. Lucic climbs into the crowd and goes all Mike Milbury on the crowd. Lucic is put in the same jail with Ogie Ogilthorpe.

#5: Patrick Kaleta takes a run at Lucic
Kaleta, one of the league's most hated players and team superpest, will attempt to get the crowd into it by throwing a hit at Lucic. Unfortunately, Kaleta will most likely try and head-butt Lucic and end up with a career ending injury.

#6: Terry Pegula puts a front-loaded bounty on Lucic
A hundred bucks of his own money for the first of his men that nails that creep... followed by $50, $25, $1, $1, $1 for every other hit.

#7: Lucic escapes unscathed, but Buffalo gets their revenge on the scoreboard
This is actually a big game with 1st place in the Northeast Division on the line. Buffalo might want to keep cooler heads and end the Bruins streak while taking the division lead in the process. 

Or maybe the Zamboni driver will open his doors for Lucic to try and get Pegula's bounty...


  1. Nobody is going to touch him, he's much bigger than everyone on the Sabres. Throw in the fact he has Chara behind him and its laughable. They'll win their 10th.

  2. I think Lucic will fight Gaustad within the first 10 minutes of the game.

  3. Pegula is going to throw moneybags at Lucic

  4. I don't care what happens in the game. I just hope the Bruins lose. HATE THEM

  5. I hope it's #3, and that Lucic beats the snot out of Enroth and gives him a concussion too

  6. Lucic is a monster!

  7. So nothing really happened
    Gaustad stood up for Miller and got a bunch of right hands to the face from Lucic.
    Someone should have taken a run at Thomas or Seguin.


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