Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Recovery

After an eventful Saturday of hockey (and probably heavy drinking), it's time to relax and recover with some light reading and highlights from this past week in the hockey world.
Insert mandatory Phil Kessel/Alex Ovechkin stats since All-Star Game Fantasy Draft joke
Sunday Recovery is back for all you hungover hockey fans. We know the feeling when you wake up thinking Milan Lucic just ran you over and all you want to do is lie around and be lazier than an Alexei Kovalev backcheck. So grab a Gatorade and enjoy.

Starting with some of our favourite reads from the past week:

How To Know If You're Cheering For A Bubble Team - a fun guide from the Active Stick to diagnosis the suffering you'll be dealing with the next 5 months. 

If The Shootout Was Around When I Was Growing Up - Pizzo of Backhand Shelf looks at how some of the NHL greatest goal scorers would have faired in the shootout. Remember how excited fans got at Mario practicing for the Winter Classic alumni game? Imagine him dangling goalies in his prime.

NHL's Critics Find No Evidence That Penalty Box Reforms Players - hilarious case study by The Onion Sports Network

The Punk Test: The Big Bad Bruins Run Amok - they'll be studying the Punk Test Theory for years to come thanks to the scary Bruins thanks to Steve Dangle.

Goaltenders Need Protection From Their Teammates - Puck Update speaks out on behalf of goalies to have their teammates stop pushing opponents on to them. It's not cool. 

The 5 Game Dilemma... And Other Issues - In The O discusses the fallout out of this dirty incident and how inconsistency is the consistency in the OHL.

Our favourite hockey player tweet of the week goes to Ben Scrivens:

Some of you may ask: What is a dirty dangle? This is a dirty dangle.


  1. that Duchene goal was sick

  2. Ovechkin could have been tweeting last night. He did nothing and I didn't even notice on the ice.

  3. Ben Scrivens chirping on it

  4. Glad the Sunday Recovery is back. If only somehow you guys could deliver some greasy food to my gut right now life would be perfect

  5. Kessel another 2 goals tonight.
    Guy is unreal right now

  6. @Steve Evans

    He is playing great. Shame nobody else can score on the Laughs

    Go Oilers:)

  7. I liked the bubble team link. Good read Glad the Sunday Recovery is back boys


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