Monday, November 21, 2011

Twitter Tips For Brian Burke

@coachrw63 You're fired. Pack your bags and leave immediately. #jk #lmfao
In case you live under a rock, Brian Burke is now on Twitter. This is a big step for the Maple Leafs GM as he becomes the third NHL GM to join the Twitterverse, and one of many in the Maple Leafs organization to start tweeting. Brian Burke started his Twitter career off by announcing his debut, and warning to dispel all fake accounts (we're looking at your DGB). On a serious note, Burke plans to use his account to inform fans, hopefully entertain followers and provide clarity for the #Leafs when needed. If he keeps to his word, he has the potential to be a hilarious online presence. 

It appears as though Burke already knows how to hashtag, but we'd like to provide him with some other helpful Twitter Tips to help him get by:
  • Don't get drunk and rip on Kevin Lowe. Wait... That would be hilarious, do that.
  • To not tweet players you want on the Leafs asking for an RT because it's your birthday
  • Sometimes it's difficult to show seriousness within 140 characters. It might be a good idea if you created a hashtag for yourself such as #tieloosened to let us know you mean business.
  • Shakedown @GMScottHowson for Rick Nash with constant DMs and mentions.
  • We know you're a lawyer, so it would be pretty awesome if you lawyered  some trollers
  • You might be shocked at just how often Tyler Bozak plays video games, don't be afraid to let him know he should be working on his finishing skill instead of his Call Of Duty winning kills. 
  • If you could get back to us on "who on earth is Steve Simmons?" that would be great.
  • You'll probably gain a lot of fans if after a Phil Kessel goal you simply Tweet: #ThankYouKessel
  • Feel free to rip on Howard Berger as most of Leaf Nation already does. If you want to belittle him, he's @Berger_BYTES
  • Players don't like being signed and then dropped right away, so don't follow people and then unfollow them.
  • Join #TeamUnit. Instant Twitter cred.
  • Make sure your password is secure. "Kessel", "Belligerence" and "Truculence" are not good passwords for you.
  • Tweet when you have beans for supper


  1. i hope he tweets he had beans for supper..

  2. I would love for him to fire Wilson over Twitter. That would be epic.

  3. I wish Burke would Tweet about what he really thinks. Would be nice to see him being the first guy to get fined by the NHL for tweeting something.

  4. @Berg

    I can see him being the first.

  5. Crosby
    ohhhh ya
    no post about him?

  6. Who is Steve Simmons?

  7. hahaha love those passwords

  8. I think I'm going to start using the #tieloosened hashtag

  9. I have been checking out your blog for the last couple of months and you guys have one of the best Hockey Blogs out there right now.
    I love reading your stuff at work. Keep up the great work.

  10. @Tim in Timmins

    Thanks a lot bud.
    If you are such a fan you should check out our Shop and do some Christmas shopping :)

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