Monday, November 14, 2011

Will Alexander Ovechkin Score 35 Goals? Part 2...

It is still very early into the 2011-12 NHL season, but the league's top sniper is off to another not-so-Ovi start. Last season, Alexander Ovechkin scored a career low 32 goals and we asked this same question at the midpoint of the season when he had 15. While 30+ goals which would be a solid year for most NHLers, Ovechkin should be winning the Maurice "Rocket" Richard trophy every year with his skillset and shot.

During his first 5 seasons in the NHL, Ovechkin scored 52, 46, 65, 56 and 50 goals. That is an average of just under 54 goals a season and in his 65 goal season he had 43 even-strength goals which was the highest total since Pavel Bure's 45 in 1999-2000. Those are goal scoring totals that you would normally see in the 80's and 90's when goalies looked like stick men out there and wouldn't go down.

It's hard to believe that this is already Ovechkin's 7th NHL season as I can still remember his rookie year and thinking he was a freak and might break some of Gretzky's scoring records one day. He is still just 26 years old so you would still think he has plenty of great seasons left, but his bread and butter is scoring goals and it's hard not to notice the lack of them last season and so far to start this season.

Ovechkin is an elite player in this league and even if he is not scoring 50 a year he will put up the points. But are Washington Capital fans going to be happy with a guy making over $9M a season to just put up 30ish goals and 80-90 points a season? Do you think Ovi scores 35 this year? Maybe he has to hit the Russian Doll Shooting Range for some practice.


  1. Ovie is currently on pace for 38 goals.
    I say he scores 40ish

  2. I agree with Derek.
    He is too talented to not score over 40 this year.
    If he heats up he could come close to 50

  3. I remember watching every Caps game that rookie year on Centre Ice... not a great team to watch but watching Ovy play was unreal. The fact that he put up those points as a rookie on a line with Dainius Zubrus and Chris Clark for a whole season is ridiculous. I think he will hit 35 this year, but if the rest of his career was as a 30-40 goal guy and between 90-100 pts a year... I wouldn't be disappointed.

    This guy is the only active player to make the first or second all star team every year of his career so far, and he averages more than a point a PLAYOFF game: 37GP, 25g, 25a (even though he isn't a playoff player to some... makes sense...), the guy is a beast.

  4. I will be the black sheep here, and say he scores under 35 goals this year.
    back to back seasons

  5. Ovie should score 40 plus. But I bet he doesn't hit 50 again in his career

  6. A couple hot streaks should have him around 40. I don't see him hitting 60 anytime soon but will have a few more seasons around 50.

    I think Ovie is expected to backcheck a little more than he used to which will prevent him from hitting 60 again.

  7. I have watched a few Capital games this season and from what I have seen he just doesn't have the same jump or energy.
    I say he scores 38 goals and gets 85 points

  8. 34 goals this year for OV


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