Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Trees Around The NHL

We pretended that we were with MTV Cribs and were able to get some tours of NHL players houses just before Christmas. It was what you expected, lots of water and fruit in the fridge, nice cars in the driveway, and massive TVs. One thing we did notice was just how different the Christmas trees in each home were. While expecting your traditional evergreen, we were surprised to see how the different NHLers celebrated this holiday tradition. Here's what we saw:

Dan Ellis
He had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree because NHL players don't make enough money.
Milan Lucic
His tree was bent over sideways as it if had been bodychecked.
Alex Ovechkin
He had a fake silver tree, which is the convicting evidence for John Steigerwald that he must be using steroids.
Sidney Crosby
Don't think concussions are serious? Look how he put his tree up.
Mike Fisher
Looking at this tree you know who wears the pants in the relationship.
Tomas Kaberle
Already had his tree bought in Carolina, but we caught him moving it to Montreal.
Zdeno Chara
As if he was't scary enough, he has to have the scariest tree in the world.
Mike Richards/Jeff Carter
They've spent every Christmas together since the World Juniors getting loaded on rum and egg nog while stringing up the lights on their keg tree.


  1. Almost peed when I saw the Crosby one.

  2. Haha

    The Mike Richards and Jeff Carter tree is my fave. Need to get that outside of my rez right about now.

  3. I'd let Carrie Underwood pick any tree she wanted as long as I got something out of it.

  4. what did you boys think of the 24/7 last night?
    avery looked like a proud dad walking into the room and smiling at anisimov after he reloaded his gun

  5. Looch got his tree with its head down!

  6. holy shit! it's godzillaaa!

  7. Hahah great stuff


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