Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dirty Dangle's Of The Year

After the voting process we took a picture together, but were photoshopped out.
2011 was a great year for the Dangle. We saw some great goals via toe drag, scoop, and between the legs - some a combination of both. Here are our Top 5 Dirty Dangle's of the Year and cheers to more to come in 2012.

#5: Benoit Pouliot scored this goal by putting the puck between his legs, pulling it forward and scoring from his knees on Jose Theodore.

#4: Matt Duchene takes a pass through his legs and goes backhand on Marc-Andre Fleury who isn't even close to making a save.

#3: Mikael Granlund with a variation of the backhand scoop at the World Championships made most people shake their heads, and the Finnish postage service create a stamp to honour it. Most guys struggle doing this in practice standing still, try doing it in the semi finals of the World Championships at full speed.

#2: Bobby Ryan in the playoffs going inside-outside on David Legwand than backhand on one of the NHL's top goaltenders was quite dirty.

#1: This is Eliezer Sherbatov of Israel in the D-III World Championships pulling the puck through his legs, flipping it up in the air and going backhand top left in mid-air. Just filthy.


  1. How have I never seen that Sherbatov goal?

    Holy shit, that was unreal!

  2. A player from Israel is the best

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