Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Recovery

After an eventful Saturday of hockey (and probably heavy drinking), it's time to relax and recover with some light reading and highlights from this past week in the hockey world.
Excellent work by theScore.
Thanks to a friendly phone call from Tyler Seguin last night, I remembered to set my alarm clock to roll out this post before dinnertime. Whether your hungover or exhausted from holiday shopping, take a break and catch up on some of our favourite reads from the past week. 

5 Thoughts On The Sale Of The Leafs - Bitter Leaf Fan shares some insight on Bell/Rogers purchasing MLSE

A Few Survival Tips For Habs Fans, From The Experts - Depressed and angered at your teams mediocrity? Some tips for Habs fans by Leafs fans - see we CAN get along.

How NHL Teams Are Using Their AHL Affiliates - The Ice Flow takes a look at what teams are making the call to the farm and how it's working out for them.

Meet The New Boss - mc79hockey takes a closer look at the Jordin Tootoo suspension against Ryan Miller. Tootoo should have hired him to as his defence.

Can We Be Thankful For A Salary Cap? - Puck Drunk Love reminds us of why the salary cap and the NHL will always be friends, and why the fans should embrace that friendship. 

Our favourite hockey tweet of the week is going to Ron Wilson. His interactions with the Leafs and media on Twitter are worth putting up with the long ass preteen hashtags about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez that always trend.
Dangle of the Week: Rick Nash makes everything look so easy.


  1. Habs fans remind me of us Leaf fans the past 7 years

  2. still weird Rogers/Bell own Leafs... curious how that'll work out

  3. Not the biggest fan of Ron Wilson as a coach. But he is pretty funny on twitter and his after game interviews are jokes.

  4. Louuuuuu


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