Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Recovery

After an eventful Saturday of hockey (and probably heavy drinking), it's time to relax and recover with some light reading and highlights from this past week in the hockey world.
Sadly, no Santa's Little Helpers for Max Talbot this HBO 24/7 
Really lazy Sunday on our end today. Here's a few links we enjoyed reading this week and some hilarity from Joffrey Lupul on tourism in Buffalo. Cheers. 

Head Shot Embellishments Must End In Wake Of Concussion Debate - THN's Rory Boylen questions the integrity of some NHL players and their mocking of head shots with "snap backs" and helicopter twirls to the ice.

Guessing In The Shootout - Great breakdown by Habs Eye On The Prize on Zach Parise's shootout attempts and the guesswork by goaltenders. 

Eric Staal: Karma's A Bitch - Pension Plan Puppets read my mind when they wrote this piece about Staal being a smartass from a "hockey market".

We promise we're trying to avoid bias with these hockey tweets of the week, but it seems like the Toronto Maple Leafs make us laugh the most. Here's Joffrey Lupul's take on Buffalo, which marks the 3rd time in a year a hockey player has made fun of the city. First their was Pascal Dupuis on HBO 24/7 sarcastically saying "off to beautiful Buffalo", then there was Emerson Etem at the World Juniors calling it a ghost town. Poor Buffalo.

Dangle of the Week goes to Patty "20 cent" Kane.

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