Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mike Green Is Killing Fantasy Teams Worldwide

Mike Green perfecting how to skate like Eric Lindros
So how many people out there drafted Mike Green thinking after a tough year in 2010-11 he would return to regular form and put up 70 points? Well you can toss my sorry ass on that list. I even drafted Mike Green the year before and was rewarded with his 24 points in 49 games. Solid numbers for most d-men in the league, but not what you would expect from one of the top offensive d-men the game has seen in a long time. So far this season Green has 6 points in only 10 games. Needless to say I was expecting a lot more out of my 2nd round pick as the guy who gambled on Sidney Crosby has gotten more out of Sid than Green.

Earlier in the week the Capitals announced that Green would be out of action once again, this time for 4-6 weeks with abdominal surgery. Green has been struggling with injuries all season including an ankle injury to start and a groin injury that kept him out even longer. When you toss in taking a puck to the head and a big hit that put him out last season you can see the last two years for Green have just been a mess and you can't help but feel sorry for the guy. But things could be looking up for him.

Green is in the last year of his contract and becomes a restricted free agent at the end of the season. The Captials will have to give him a $5M a season qualifying offer to keep his rights. You can bet Green will be looking for a long term deal and with his back-to-back 70 point seasons just a few years ago his agent will have something to bargain with.

It will be interesting to see what Captials GM George McPhee does this offseason. I can't see the Capitals dealing Green, but I also can't see them giving him a long term contract with the injuries he has had the past two seasons. Either way, Mike Green should be able to buy a fleet of scooters this offseason with a new contract.


  1. Green wont ever be the same. If I was the Caps I wouldn't lock him down long term

  2. Green is making fantasy owners feel blue:)


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