Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Would Be In A 2012 Maple Leafs Time Capsule?

The time capsule had more rust than Colton Orr
Last week Ryerson University and Loblaws, the new owners of Maple Leaf Gardens, opened up a Time Capsule that was buried in the hockey shrine back in 1931. Inside were some newspapers, a red ensign flag, a rule book, a Gardens stock prospectus, and a tiny ivory elephant. So basically nothing awesome.

This got me thinking, What if the Leafs buried something now at the Air Canada Centre. What would they leave behind in a time capsule now to show future generations of Leafs fans what things were like back in 2012? Here are some ideas of what we think they should bury in a time capsule now (most likely in a Rogers cable box):
  • 2011-12 NHL Rule Book so the future can see how "barbaric" the rules were in 2012
  • Tyler Bozak's Xbox controller
  • A few ticket stubs to show the future generation how cheap Toronto Maple Leafs tickets once were
  • X-rays of Colby Armstrong's broken down body
  • Moustache clippings from grinder Mike Brown
  • A signed ruler by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan
  • An American flag and passport photocopies of all the American players and management working for the Leafs
  • The Stanley Cup parade plans dated every two weeks into a new season
  • Ripped up newspaper columns from The Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons and The Toronto Star's Damien Cox
  • A signed Bible from James Reimer
  • Joe Bowen's microphone with "Holy Mackinaw" engraved on the side of it
  • John Ferguson Jr.'s toys that he left behind when he was fired as GM


  1. John Ferguson Jr has been one of the best GM's for drafting. Some of the Leafs bright spots on the team are because of him.

    1. What players are you talking about?

  2. Ferguson was a tool
    Love the signed ruler by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan

  3. A Canucks '94 Bure jersey... : )


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