Monday, February 27, 2012

Dirty Dangle 2012 NHL Trade Deadline Drinking Game!

Whether you're calling in sick today or feel like putting a little something in your coffee at work, join us for the 2012 Dirty Dangle NHL Trade Deadline Drinking Game - we know Mike Richards and Jeff Carter will be playing along. We suggest starting the day with the Breakfast of Champions: beer and pancakes in honour of Dustin Penner (who might be moving today if a GM is trying to lose their job). Whatever your poison - Irish Coffee, Screwdriver, red wine in a Coke can - make sure to drink responsibly and don't be an idiot. Also, if you drive a bus or work with kids, it might be best to make a tally throughout the day and catch up after work with friends at a bar, or alone.

Here are the rules:

1 Drink
  • For every trade that is made.
  • Any time a reporter mentions a player has just left the ice or is not at practice.
  • Every time "CapGeek" is mentioned.
  • Any time the words "buyer" or "seller" are mentioned.
2 Drinks
  • Any time "Unofficial National Holiday" is mentioned.
  • Every time the most trades on deadline day is mentioned.
  • Any time a GM is shown on their phone. 
  • If a player being interviewed says he learned of the trade while watching a Trade Deadline show.
3 Drinks
4 Drinks
  • If the big fish, Rick Nash, is traded.
  • If a 1st round pick is traded.
  • If a 7th round pick is traded.
  • If a player you've never heard of is traded.
Chug A Beer


  1. Watch Onrait is my favourite part of Trade Deadline

  2. 7th round pick! drink!

  3. Trades are starting to come!

    Will the Nash domino fall?

  4. Rick Nash just hates his life right now


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