Friday, February 3, 2012

Drunk Zamboni Driving

Have you ever been waiting to go on the ice and the Zamboni is taking forever? Sometimes they do an extra lap or just seem incompetent at their job when all you want to do it be out their playing. Well, imagine waiting half an hour while a hammered Zamboni driver struggled to manoeuvre the machine and crashed into the boards multiple times.

This happened in Apple Valley, Minnesota where a rink worker was arrested after minor hockey coaches called the police as the Zamboni driver attempted to resurface the ice after pounding back too many brewskies. Police arrived and after a field sobriety test, the man was booked for a DWI. While there is no video of the incident, we can only assume it resembled something like this:

Here are some other Zamboni incidents in which one might ask if alcohol was a factor.

A driver backing the Zamboni off a flatbed at the Wrigley Field Winter Classic:

Here's another driver doing some celebratory doughnuts after a game:

This figure skater doesn't even miss a beat when the Zamboni comes on too early:

Do you have any Zamboni stories from your rink?


  1. There should be a Zamboni racing circuit. I would watch that on TV over basketball any day.

  2. Waiting for our adult league game having dinner up at the rink restaurant, the zamboni came on, broke down in the middle of the ice, dumped out a big pile of antifreeze, seized up and we watched then try to get the thing off the ice for a while. After they finally got it off there was a giant hole in the ice where the antifreeze dumped out and our game was cancelled :(

    Crappy blackberry video of the crews trying to recover it

  3. nothing too serious, just a driver hittin the net and pushing it for a bit... he might have been drunk?


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