Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goalie Trips, Gets Hit By Referee In Austrian Winter Classic

When you pull your goalie for an extra attacker, you want them to get to the bench as fast as possible. However, skating as hard as you can with giant pillows on your legs and weird skates can sometimes result in disaster. Slovenian goaltender, Matija Pintarič, found this out during the Erste Bank Hockey League (Austrian Hockey League) 2012 Winter Classic between his HDD Tilia Olimpija Ljubljana and KHL Medveščak Zagreb as he skated to the bench for an extra attacker.

The sportscasters can laugh because Pintarič was not seriously injured and would back-up their next game:

Pintarič trips near the blueline and as he recovers gets levelled by the referee skating backwards. To add insult to injury, Medveščak would score on the open net, but the goal would be called back due to the series of events that took place prior. Ice conditions could have been a factor for the trip, but at least only 4,500 fans saw the blooper at the small-scale outdoor game.


  1. I can only imagine how hard it is to skate with all that gear on!

  2. Haha
    That league looks pretty bush.
    Sure there are Men's leagues in Canada that are better.

  3. i laughed just as hard as those commentators!

  4. Pick number 69 it hilarious


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