Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards: Hockey Edition

It's Valentine's Day, which means hearts, chocolate, expensive dinners, flowers, and cards. While these are all a means to getting laid, there are not that many hockey related Valentine items out there for us hockey lovers. The NHL is really missing out on an opportunity to capitalize on the commercialization of Valentine's Day. Well luckily for hockey fans, we've taken it upon ourselves to create these cards for you to share with the guy/girl whose pants you want to get into. Here are a few Valentine's Day cards for hockey fans (feel free to share):


  1. Surprised Leaf fans haven't ripped you for the Monster card.

  2. Haha nice work buddy! And I'm going to catch you in our fantasy league!

  3. Cute stuff
    I have a long distance GF. So I can use these cards on her this up coming weekend.
    I just bought her a few things 60% off at shoppers drug mart..lol
    Love the LD GF


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