Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When NHL Twitter Accounts Go Bad

Last Friday, the Calgary Flames official Twitter account sent out the above tweet, deleted it, and quickly apologized for sending it out. Clearly the Flames Social Media Guy was a little hungover and forgot to switch Twitter accounts, but it made for hilarious commentary surrounding the extension of Ales Hemsky. Unfortunately for the Flames Social Media Guy, somebody managed to screen capture the tweet and it will now live on forever on the world wide web. However, this isn't the first time that a team's Twitter account have accidentally sent out a tweet that wasn't meant to be seen. We dug through the archives and discovered these screencaps of deleted tweets:


  1. The Leafs should tweet

    @MapleLeafs Season is over, Lottery pick? #Tanknation

  2. @Rangers Jeremy Lin would just be a Richard Park in the NHL

  3. Love that Calgary tweet. This from the team that gave Stajan $4M a year.


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