Friday, March 30, 2012

Hockey Awesomeness

After reading Neil Pasricha's book "The Book of Awesome" it got me thinking about all the things I love about the game of hockey. Hockey is a part of my daily life, even in the middle of the summer it's on my mind. I'm sure even when I have a kid I'll be thinking of cool hockey names they could have or what number they will wear. There are just so many memories and feelings I have surrounding the game that me just think "Hockey is fucking awesome."

Here are some things that make me smile and love everything that comes with the game of hockey:

  • Backyard hockey and having your own personal piece of ice growing up. Thanks Dad. 
  • Scoring a goal from just pure reaction. Think of naturally sticking your stick out for a tip and how good that feels to even deflect it on net. 
  • Making a hockey team after you were cut the year before. Take that coach!
  • A clean slate of ice. Being the first one on the for 5 minutes at an early morning practice or alone at midnight after the Zamboni flooded your local rink. It's a powerful feeling. 
  • When the Zamboni driver doesn't drive drunk and does a perfect job. 
  • Watching your younger brothers games and realizing they play a lot like you and you might have actually taught them something on the backyard rink. 
  • A perfect sauce pass. Stick to stick over an opponents stick. They are beaaaautiful. 
  • When the player on your team who hasn't scored all year finally scores. The bench goes wild and the player's Dad can't stop smiling in the lobby. 
  • When you think your goalie let in a goal, but they saved it with a desperation move and nobody can believe it. You usually see defenceman or forwards come back to congratulate them or even hug them on those. 
  • Hockey tournaments. To me, going to Buffalo was one of the best times of my life as a kid even though it did seem like an ugly city even back then. Mini sticks in hallways, going out for every meal, and 3 games a day - those were the days.
  • Your Dad buying you a pop after a game. Pop never tasted so good.
  • The cute ticket taker at the rink that always smiles at you. Too bad there wasn't Facebook back in the mid-90s. 
  • Backhand shelf. Such a great feeling having the goalie at your mercy and just roofing it on them. 
  • Hockey stores. Nothing is better than just walking around a Just Hockey and looking at and trying out all the new best stuff.
  • Dressing room talk. Just chatting before and after a game with your team is always great. So many jokes and chirps going around it's hard to keep track of. Even better with a cold beer in hand. 
What are some of the awesome things in hockey you love?


  1. Seeing a girl you like in the stands for the first time to watch you play!

  2. School hockey games and having your whole school out watching you play.

  3. Did you end up marrying that girl Dave?

  4. I don't know what it is, but I always loved hitting the crossbar or post in practice. It would be so loud, it could make players heads turn to see who did it, it was just a great sound.

  5. Oh did you ever open up my mind to the many memories!
    1) The Perfect dangle through a defenseman's legs
    2) Hearing my dad say three words to me in the arena lobby "Hey...Good game"
    3) The feel of a new stick (back in the wood stick days when that perfect shot lasted about 1-2 games)
    4) Shutting an opponent up with either a great chirp, or the perfect move around him
    5) When the toe drag works to perfection
    6) Seeing your name in the local paper
    7) Walking out of the dressing room with your bag, stick, and a trophy

    I could seriously do this forever

  6. Clearly you need to start up the Pizzo's Points again... those memories are classic.

    Love the "seeing your name in the local paper one", could add, and having your Mom cut out the boxscores or articles and putting them in a scrapbook.

  7. - scoring my first goal, i was the slow kid who played in pee wees and bantam at the same time, my first goal was a one timer deflection, was a pass from my brother

    - winning the championship or a playoff game in OT while youre the goalie, that was a great night, outdoor rink and everything

    - and of course, playing the team you hate, nothing better than that

  8. There are tons of personal memories of playing for me. Winning games in OT as a goalie at the provincials, being able to play hockey on the same line as my Dad. Tons of great ones. As far as the game itself goes, its awesome because its always there. There's always something to talk about. No matter how good or bad shit in your life is going, there is always hockey. :)

    Special mention: Bob Cole's voice during playoff games... magic.


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