Friday, April 13, 2012

Toronto Maple Leafs End Of Season Party

Most people are fixated on the Stanley Cup Playoffs right now and may have forgotten about what the teams that didn't qualify for the postseason are up to. Well, they're obviously partying and drinking away their sorrows about not playing right now. The Toronto Maple Leafs have been having these parties every April now for some time, and we managed to catch up with some of those hired to work their most recent end of the season party.  

Enjoy the Toronto Maple Leafs End Of Season Party:


  1. Was that Jilly's?
    I think I saw a few Leafs there the other day

    1. I work at Jillys
      and no.. the Maple Leafs never come in.
      I don't understand why people rip on Jillys

  2. I liked the comment about the 3 dmen and that they like to give things away.

  3. haha
    But in a good way

  4. Love that part about Kessel hunched over looking tired. He looks like that at the end of every shift. He needs to work on his cardio this offseason.

  5. Epic as usual boys:)
    Mike Brown does look like a coke dealer.

    I want to see a video about the bitchy Canucks

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