Friday, May 25, 2012

All Aboard The LA Bandwagon

Remember that crazy schedule at the Staples Center last weekend when 6 playoff games were held over four days between the Kings, Clippers, and Lakers? It was an impressive feat and the Staples Center workers deserve a lot of credit and beer for their hard work (just look at this conversion video). Luckily for the Staples Center crew, the arena got a little emptier this week with both NBA clubs being knocked out of the playoffs and the LA Kings starting the Stanley Cup Final on the East Coast. This also means that the Kings are Los Angeles' last remaining playoff team this spring and will have a lot more fan support within the city as Lakers/Clippers fans join the Kings bandwagon. We can only hope they rep their LA Gear proudly

This phenomenon is not just in LA however, as the Kings may have the support of Canada (except B.C) with 12 Canadians on their playoff roster - which is more than New Jersey and New York have combined. You can throw in most of the West Coast rooting for the Kings if you still believe in the whole West Coast/East Coast rivalry or because hockey fans don't like the Rangers or Devils because of their shady, cap circumvention contracts. The Kings are also one of the most popular sports teams on Twitter with humourous tweets that poke fun at other cities and teams. It's not hard to see how fans have started to cheer for the Kings as they march through history having knocked off the #1 seed, # 2 seed, and #3 seed in the Western Conference and maintain a perfect 8-0 road record in these playoffs. 

The bandwagon is filling up, but if you need some convincing, here's the LA Kings Ice Crew Girls Calendar Shoot:


  1. I know some guys that went LA from the start of the playoffs, but it's pretty funny to see all the others coming out of the woodwork now. One of my friends even bought a Doughty jersey.

  2. Haha
    I hate hockey fans that jump from one team to another.

  3. I like tiffany.

  4. Kings will win the Cup and somehow hollywood will make a movie about it.


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