Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Claude Giroux Heals Like A Boss

On Saturday you may have seen the list of Philadelphia Flyers requiring surgery this offseason, including their superstar, Claude Giroux. He required double wrist surgery to repair torn cartilage in his right wrist, and removal of bone spurs in the left. It sounds pretty brutal for a 24-year-old in an offseason, but clearly having both wrists in casts (serious question: how do you wipe your ass with both wrists in casts?) hasn't stopped the still NHL playoffs goals and points leader from partying like a hoss. Thanks to Crossing Broad, the hockey world has some great images of Giroux acting his age, but not on a Patrick Kane level.

Here he is playing the classic beer sport, Baggo:
 And even bettering that, here's Giroux playing some Beer Pong.
Happy healing Giroux, now let's see you flip some cups.


  1. I am sure he could get a cutie flyers fan to wipe his ass

  2. I would have thought he would be more built. Just looks like an average guy

  3. I would wipe girouxs ass.

  4. That guy Giroux is playing Beer Pong with looks a lot like Mike Richards. Did he fly in for this party?
    Pretty crazy that Giroux is still leading the playoffs in scoring. He has to be a shoe in for team Canada in 2014.


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